We at Discovery Street believe in positive change. We do not stand and fight against the new reality and wonder how the train of prosperity left the station without us. We are not leaving you alone either. We raise our gaze nobly and humbly towards new ways of bringing more human and economical success for us all in the new world.


Discovery Street Dialogue

Instead of a flashy key-note speaker why not involve everybody into a dialogue about the state of the world, positive outlook, bringing hope? Summer special: dialogue in virtual world!

Re-design your business

Let’s examine together does your company live its values to meet the requirements of the new world so that it can rise up and thrive again. Is it really worth to continue business as it was before the crisis, or do we need to recreate ourselves? Would this be a good time to sit down and think through the direction of travel of the company from the perspective of impact and meaning?

Leadership of the 2020’s

Now it is perfect time to study and rise your team’s collective understanding into a level which enables success and thriving in the new era! This is a study circle of themes for which straight answers cannot be found in single courses or books. Human-centric leadership is the theme of the 2020’s which connect listening people and meeting in a personal level, helping the potential of the people to come out, building communities and collective learning, and continous learning. Includes all the books!

Leading well-being in crisis

We can create a plan for using the full capacity of people and help them to succeed in their work during a crisis period.

Deep interview

Deep interview service is an in-depth look to the well-being of the people and their inner life. Deep interview, done by an external professional, helps you to see into the personal life situations of your people and allows you to get information about the habits and culture of the company. Deep interview helps the voices to be heard and opinions get out. You are able to make informed decisions and further improvements to develop the life of the company.


“I started to think that maybe success is something else than what I was told in school.”

(participant of a study circle on 2020’s leadership)

“Group discussions have been the best part of the study circle. I have learned that I am not alone with my thoughts but there are others who think the same way.”

(participant of a study circle on 2020’s leadership)

Let’s build something great together.