Welcome to Discovery Street. You are now on your way to a better future.

We are on a common endeavour, on a common journey: making a world better place. We bring people together and invite for a collective action. We help people to release their potential for the betterment of their societies and workplaces.

We are doing that by balancing “doing”, of arising to serve and to accompany fellow friends with knowledge, expertise and wisdom, with the notion of “being”, learning to mirror forth values and qualities in one’s life.

Discovery Street is an impact-first company.

Founded 2018, Discovery Street wants to create positive impact to the society. We believe that economy should serve humanity, and not the other way around. We are transforming companies into communities and helping them to become both internally and externally good.

We are bringing people together and allow them to release their potential as human beings. Instead of playing the games of power, social status and wealth we are creating a new game, which is based on human values.

The essential merit of those human values is that they do not only present a perspective to solve a problem but it also induces an attitude, a dynamic, a volition, an aspiration, which facilitate the discovery and implementation of practical measures.

Join us.

This human-values based civilization can not be attained through our efforts alone. So join us. Together with companies and organizations we will contribute to a better future to emerge out of the chaos of present-day society.

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