Discovery Street Corner Stones

To better understand how Discovery Street thinks and reshapes new ways of working, it might be useful to share the corner stones and values that drive us.


Humanity is advancing towards a new, global stage. In terms of social evolution we have moved from the early units of family life, tribalism and city-states into independent and sovereign nations. Human race is advancing towards its maturity. If feels that world unity is finally possible. We are one human family, and we are interdependently connected with each other and equal as human beings. I am because we are. Distinguishing it from uniformity, unity contains the concept of diversity. It is through love for all people that the unity of the world can now be realised and at the same time it is giving room for expressions of human diversity.

Discovery Street 2021

Discovery Street celebrates this positive evolution and acknowledges that we are all in a same journey. It is the duty of businesses to contribute towards the development of whole world and not just for the benefit of some or for a privileged few. Discovery Street defines success as progress of the world of humanity, and its solutions and services are all for this goal.


Lasting progress can be achieved when people, individually and as members of communities, join forces to do something they collectively value. To build both volition and capacity to contribute to the common good, each according to his or her particular circumstances is therefore an imperative. Capacity and volition go hand in hand: capacity is not only one’s potential to achieve goals, but also one’s determination to actually do it.

Everyone can contribute to social well-being by bringing people together, in commitment to find common ground between different opinions, and in capacity to elevate the discussion above disagreements.

Discovery Street 2021

At Discovery Street everyone can choose in what way one wants to contribute. There are no constrains or presumptions of who you are or what you care capable of. We are committed to strive to live in the world we are building, despite whatever values and conditions prevail in the world today that surrounds us.


One of the foundational concepts is the nobility inherent to every human being upon which hope for the future of humankind is built. There is goodness in every human being, capacity to show forth human values and potential, like a mine full of gems of inestimable value. Since we are all different everyone has different capacity and potential. Every human being is valuable.

Discovery Street Oy 2021

At Discovery Street we want to give an opportunity for each people to contribute in a best way, as individuals and a community, regardless of their journey so far. We are all far from perfect. Everyone can benefit from a safe environment where one can discuss, exchange ideas, try different things in practice, and reflect. We recognise that as human beings we must all acquire new virtues and new capacities, find joy in service to the humanity and learn to assist others.

At Discovery Street we are learning to use the opportunities to make our own individual and collective contributions to progress of social reality – towards a positive impact that reshapes the world, despite whatever values and conditions prevail in the world today that surrounds us.

This is part of the Discovery Street’s post series, where we open our mindset and values that determines our daily life & procedures.