Why in the world?

You may wonder why in the world these people have decided to join forces?

Petteri Mustalahti

Creating capacity for growth in operational level.

Petteri Mustalahti

“Discovery Street is an innovation platform. You can throw any idea to the white board and start a discussion. There are no limits.

Even a small comment can lead to a major breakthrough or a business start-up. Briefing with a customer in the afternoon can lead into a new product before the evening news. It is wonderful not to have any boundaries.”


Maria Hyppönen

Authentic encounters enable meaningful self-leadership and wise decision-making, and thus a commitment to collective success.

Maria Hyppönen

I help people to become aware of their own motives, values, goals and dreams and to take concrete steps towards their own good life.

As a business therapist, I work with both individuals and teams. The goal is to use cooperative learning to create well-being in the workplace, unlock the hidden potential of individuals and help organisations succeed in a sustainable and ethical way.


Mika Kataikko

Impact is “more” than results, effectiveness is “more” than efficiency

Mika Kataikko

“How does information transform into understanding? How about experience into wisdom? I joined Discovery Street because I want to learn more about these themes.

I want to study “impact” and use all my capacity, understanding, experience and wisdom to bring that into world. And since changing the world is a collective effort I need all my friends and people in my network to join me to develop something new in Discovery Street.


Minna Seppälä

Life-long learning has a value in itself, but even more important is to learn how can you help others with what you know.

Minna Seppälä

I am passionate about serving people through my work. At my work in Finland and abroad I have learned how important is to have a personal connection with people. Pedagogy is also close to my heart. I am a life long learner and I have been studying service business, to be a teacher, HR professional and I am eager to develop and contribute in these fields to create better societies.


Markus Pelkonen

Product leadership of the 2020’s

Markus Pelkonen

Product development. Leadership. Improve way of working. Build organisational capabilities.

This is what I do and love. And I love to do that with people who are passionate, creative, open and unselfish. Discovery Street.


Katri Keskinen

You are never too busy to stop to admire the beauty of nature, because in the silence lies the secret of the creation.

Katri Keskinen

The world is continuously changing and everyone can contribute to that positive change by taking small steps forward.

Those steps are easier to take when you have a multi-professional team around you which supports each individual member of the community. This is possible at Discovery Street.


Lauri Hulkkonen

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

Lauri Hulkkonen

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.


Siiri Naukkarinen

In life, it is not important how far you run, or how fast you run – but did you improve your personal record..

Siiri Naukkarinen

Achieving your personal record is not possible without people around you who cheer, help and encourage to achieve your best.In Discovery Street the obstacles to achieve your personal best are teared down daily by creating a psychological safe space for you to be. It is the feeling of giving your best what matters most. The feeling when you have dared even when you were afraid, the feeling of having created for your self and for everyone around you activities that reflect your values, and the feeling of delivering happiness – those are improving the world record of the better world.

Those world records are created in Discovery Street every single day.


Minna Liminka

Happiness is a productive emotion:  a happy person accomplishes more and also does the work better. 

Minna Liminka

“I am a developer of happy and healthy working environments. My goal is for people in companies to talk more and to listen more. We should know each other so well that cooperation is minddul and respectful. What if an important part of our own work was also to help our colleagues succeed?

Before I joined Discovery Street, I had meaningful conversations with everyone on the team. I learned that we are all different and that we each have strengths and qualities that we want to grow and improve. What unites us is a world of values that we believe in, but also live, in our own lives, every day. A community can either stifle or encourage a person’s growth, and in the safe environment of Discovery Street, I see endless opportunities to learn and grow that I look forward to sharing.”


Mika Korhonen

Transforming companies into communities – releasing human potential

Mika Korhonen, CEO

“How the world changes, in the end of the day? I am striving to create genuine love, spiritual communion and durable bonds among individuals, because I believe that it will contribute in the processes on building civilisation.

That is why I believe in Discovery Street: it brings likeminded people together. I love the laughter, joy and deep conversations, and the impact it all creates.”


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