Materialism has spread to every corner of our planet and promoting a culture of consumerism in the name of a strong global economy and human welfare. It promotes a habit of consumption that seeks to satisfy our selfish desires, encouraging endless expenditure of wealth and use the scarce resources of our planet like there is no tomorrow. What do we do with functioning economy if there is no value in human life?

We believe that economy should serve the humanity, and not the other way around.

Our aim, as a human family, is to learn about how, in practical terms, collective prosperity can be advanced through justice and generosity, collaboration and mutual assistance. Wealth is fine, if everyone can be wealthy and when it is created through just means and expended for good purposes, for the promotion of knowledge and toward the common good.

At Discovery Street recognise the nobility of human being and respect the individual struggle to learn to live the life, and therefore refuse to exploit the weaknesses of human nature in our business.

This is part of the Discovery Street’s series post, where we open our mindset and values that determines our daily life & procedures.

Published by Mika Korhonen

Contributing to a prosperous, sustainable & just civilization: promoting & applying ethical values, virtues & moral leadership in the field of business... and pretty much everywhere.

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