We value conversations. Long, meaningful, soul-to-soul conversations. Close connections open up possibilities for open discussion and mutual respect. We have no longer the need to divide people into ‘us’ and ‘them’ and can get rid of those prejudices which we have inherited from previous generations.

The value of conversations is the possibility to arrive to shared understanding between people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. We can summon our common will and work towards common goals, using those precious individual capabilities and potentials we all have in us. Friendship is an important building block: a peace must be first established among individuals before it can lead to peace among nations.

At Discovery Street we are learning how we should behave towards one and another. There is surely a great transformative power in those simple grass root actions by a growing number of people who are working together with a same set of human values. It is in the end of the day a contribution to world peace.

Discovery Street 2021

Published by Mika Korhonen

Contributing to a prosperous, sustainable & just civilization: promoting & applying ethical values, virtues & moral leadership in the field of business... and pretty much everywhere.

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