How can we sustain human life on earth? The advancement of civilisation requires active contribution which builds on generations of work and continuous progress in the saga of the human life on earth. It requires that no one is a mere passenger but every person is an active participant in creating a world a better place. We are caretakers of the nature, creators of art and music, engineers of technology. We need to leave the world better to our children than it was when we found it.

Performing work and our duties are not obstacles on the way to a good and happy life. Work performed in right spirit is a form of service and it itself brings meaning to life.

At Discovery Street we are learning how to create spaces where human qualities are manifest, skills and attitudes learned, new technologies created, new ways of doing business tried. Life-long learning is one of our core principles and we are committed to learn ourselves, every day, to fulfil our two-fold moral purpose: taking charge of our own spiritual and intellectual development and contributing to the transformation of society.

Discovery Street 2021

This is part of the Discovery Street’s series post, where we open our mindset and values that determines our daily life & procedures.

Published by Mika Korhonen

Contributing to a prosperous, sustainable & just civilization: promoting & applying ethical values, virtues & moral leadership in the field of business... and pretty much everywhere.

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