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Petteri Mustalahti (left), Markus Pelkonen, Mika Korhonen, Mari Stenman and Mika Kataikko want to develop solutions for the betterment of the society. Team member Siiri Naukkarinen is missing from the picture.

An early respiratory infection detection algorithm developed by Discovery Street

10.6.2020 Jyväskylä, Finland

Discovery Street has started product development of a mobile application for early respiratory infection (e.g. COVID-19) detection algorithm. The goal is to develop a software algorithm which combines the data of human biomarkers (e.g. temperature, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, rest heart rate, respiratory rate) and subjective data from the user.

The algorithm compares the data with known reference values and recent research, and finds correlations and propose probability for infection. With use of artificial intelligence (AI) new connections can be found and the user can get new information about his/her well-being.

“The existing available technologies can already collect a lot of information about the well-being of human body, but there is only little research of what can be learned when all of this data is put together”, says project manager and exercise physiologist Mari Stenman from Discovery Street. One of the goals of the project is to produce raw data for the research use to develop solutions to solve big health problems of the humanity.

This project is in the core of Discovery Street’s purpose. The company was formed to be an innovation platform for experienced professionals from wide variety of fields and surrounded by like-minded values-driven individuals to contribute in making an impact that reshapes the world.

“We are looking for the greatest possible impact for the society and consequently have ongoing partnership negotiations around the project and we are looking for new ones”, says Mari Stenman. “Business Finland believed in our innovation and decided to fund a part of the project. At the moment we are proud to announce the partnership with University of Jyväskylä and Jyväskylä Startup Factory”, she continues.

Collaboration is one of the key values in Discovery Street. After the proof-of-concept phase the project needs impact investors to support the product development to take the project to the next phase and towards a global impact. Discovery Street is especially interested in joining forces with people who share the values and are interested in seeing impact at the global scale.

Discovery Street Oy is Jyväskylä based innovation company. Please visit us at

CONTACT: Project Manager Mari Stenman, Discovery Street Oy, mari.stenman(at)

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